9″ Zombie Killer Knife


$ 129.00

Khukuri weight: 620gm
Total weight: 760gm
Blade size: 9″
Upper spine 10mm
Handle size: 7″
Blade material: Highly carbon steel
Handle material: Rose wood and brass at rivet
Sheath material: Ganjawal sheath and wood

This is a 9 inch Zombie Killer knife." Zombie knife"enemy for the dead corpse is a redesign of GGK. The knife is hand forged blade with aggressive tip to tear off and stab.

Classified as a hunting knife it comes in a well built design and has great stunning looks. This knife has traditional Ganjawal leather sheath and frogs making it portable to carry around while travelling and hunting. It is a versatile dependable knife that has the ability for powerful cuts and is your security friend round the clock.

GGK has redesigned this Zombie in modern aesthetics with traditional blend. Also the fascinating scabbard is a rich built heritage.