Great Gurkha Khukuri (GGK)

Since 1992 we started making real genuine khukuri.
We provide you lifetime guarantee of our products.

Great Gurkha Khukuri (GGK) had been manufacturing traditional Khukuri knives in Nepal since 1992 AD with belief in providing the finest Khukuri to our customers. Later on, we established our showroom at Kathmandu (World Heritage City), Pyafal Line on 1st January 2000 AD. Since then we have been supplying our products to local customers in Nepal as well as export them to our customers globally. We have been now producing numerous unique designs which have been successful to delight our valued customers. We stand for high quality standards adopting the motto “Quality over quantity”. We believe in providing the finest and genuine quality Khukuri to our customers because, as a provider, we firmly believe customer satisfaction is our success.

We have highly experienced work force, qualified supervisory staff and executives. The tribal group called Kamis (Black Smiths) who are dedicated to creating such stuff, should always be honored. They have been with us since the past 30 years and have been forging blades since their childhood. They have mastered the art of Khukuri making process. In addition to that, we also monitor and supervise manufacturing process by our technical experts to ensure the highest quality. This supervision helps in controlling the errors at the time of manufacturing process which ensures the quality of our Khukuri.

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