About The Great Gurkha Khukuri / Kukri shop

I have been in this profession from my early childhood playing with the tools my father worked with. This profession has been passed on to us by our forefathers and I am continuing the same profession till date.

A kukrismith forging kukri

My passion for producing high quality handmade blades has been driving me in this field with sole purpose of making finest handmade kukris (Khukuri in Nepali) up- keeping our tradition alive. I have gone through many hardships and have travelled to different rural villages to acquire more & more information I could about kukris, their design & manufacturing. In these almost 30 years I have many acquaintances in home and abroad receiving great suggestions and advice for the blades.

I am very indebted for the love my well-wishers have poured upon me and for the techniques they have lent. Also I have been receiving many antique samples for reproduction from the friends abroad as they have firm belief upon me that “Purna is the master for keeping the traditional blend alive”.

After setting the showroom at Hanumandhoka at early 2000 now I have set up my forge near to my shop where 10 kukrismith work at a time. The kukris that I had designed are famous till date. Tri-Chandra, Black Panawal, Gripper Handle, Afgani Kukri etc. are all my old designs. However with the changing time I have been reproducing old kukris in modern form with the old detail and design of the blade intact. Modern sirupate, Hancy killer, Yalambar, Vuke, Butcher knife etc are my new designs loved by many khukuri passionates.

I have my own website www.greatgurkhakhukuri.com and Facebook page The Great Gurkha Khukuri Shop (fb.com/The-Great-Gurkha-Khukuri-shop-126145391049989) where I regularly update the new launches with brief information on that particular blade.

I love to impart the knowledge I have gained in due course of time so people from any part of the world can access my website through the products, get sufficient knowledge on the particular kukri and place order. Customers have multiple choices as I have diverse blade portfolios. The price is reasonable with assured guarantee on quality with replacement warranty.

GGK kukrismiths forging kukri blade

GGK kukrismiths forging kukri blade

With dedicated team of professionals, I have assigned job to my workers according to their knowledge and expertise. Some work on forging, some on making handles, some work on sharpness and finally finishing touch is done under my closed supervision. Until and unless I get satisfied with the final produce I don’t put it for sale. After all the certifications are approved and tests passed, the blade will be available for sale after posting on my website and Facebook page. Also I have made YouTube videos (youtube.com/channel/UClDphocv0JauIh1QclmVznw) of my kukri manufacturing process and different tests I have carried on for my customers to have firm belief upon my products.

A very strong team of GGK that I have been leading since the last 30 years is fully dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our team believes in hard work and designing & forging the best knives to present to this world. Have a firm belief on GGK and please get updated regarding our latest kukris & other knives via our Facebook page, YouTube channel and website.   

  Thank you!

“Jaya khukuri Jaya Gurkha”