13″ World War II Battalion MK2 Khukuri


$ 114.00

Khukuri weight: 680gm
Total weight: 860gm
Blade size: 13″
Upper spine: 7mm
Handle size: 5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Handle material: Rosewood with Full Tang
Sheath material: Simal (Bombax Ceiba) Wood Water Buffalo Leather

This 13 Inch World War II Battalion MK2 Khukuri is the modified form of MK1 Khukuri. GGK has modified the traditional blade into newer version acquiring all the old design and details intact .

MK2 was first manufactured in 1916 AD. Later it was manufactured by East India company in Kolkata in 1943 A.D. This MK2 is the reproduction of 1943 A.D. version.

The balance is slightly placed forward to make the blade work vigorously for great cutting and stabbing. The slender curved blade is more agile for one to one combat providing more thrust to hack through the opponents neck and body fragmenting into two. The iron bolster, remarkably designed notch are added features for making the khukuri stunning keeping the ergonomics of WWII khukuri alive.

The handle has the rings and ridges not to moist the palms and keep good hold of the khukuri until the battle is over. Designed to die rather than to be a cowardice for the great warriors during WWII battle this khukuri was a great choice of the real warriors. It is a real functional weapon so it is the duty of real khukuri maker to keep this tradition alive and GGK was left with no option of reproducing the old blades in modern aesthetics.

Historically the Gurkha warriors fought Second World War with the WWII original versions. Then Gurkha soldiers felt more secure with this khukuri in their hands and fought till the last breath. Gurkha soldiers became the out performers in the battles winning the heart of millions. This legacy has been kept alive in the terms of reproducing and adopted all the possible traits of traditional blacksmith for excellent craftsmanship .

MK2 versions are available in 2 different natures with or without Karda and chakmak.

Adopting the traditional forms and features GGK feels pride to serve this glorious MK2 blade in modern design with traditional designed scabbard with or without Karda and Chakmak both made of high quality carbon steel .

Karda is a small sharp knife used to cut small woods, dig holes , skinning out animals while Chakmak is used for honing the blade and produce flint for sparking fires .

This MK2 is the new version without Karda and Chakmak.