13″ World War II Battalion MK2 Khukuri

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Product Description

Khukuri weight:          680gm
Total weight:                860gm
Blade size:                    13″
Handle size:                  5″
Upper spine:                 7mm
Blade material:            Hand forged carbon steel
Handle material:         Rose wood with full tang
Sheath material:         Wood and ganjawal water buffalo leather

Product Description:
This is a 13″ MK2 Khukuri .
This khukuri was made by East India Company in Kolkata in 1943 AD. MK2 was first manufactured in 1916 AD. And since then a bit different type of khukuri was made but the size was same. So we had reproduced and made the MK2 of 1943 AD from Nepal. This MK2 was used by Gurkha soldiers in the  Second World War. We produced two types of MK2 first is the real one which is without karda and Chakmak and the other is the one with Karda and Chakmak.