13.5″ MK1 Khukuri


$ 99.00

Khukuri weight: 585gm
Total weight: 780gm
Blade size: 13.5″
Upper spine: 7mm
Handle size: 4.5″
Blade material: Hand Forged Carbon Steel
Handle material: Rose Wood with Stick Tang
Sheath material: Pipal Wood and Ganjawal Water Buffalo Leather

This is a 13.5 inch MK1 Khukuri used in the World War I for hand to hand battle in the dense forest of different Asian and European continents. Dating back the history The Gurkha Rifles had fought war with this MK1 in places like North West Frontier India, Tibet, France, Gallipoli etc. Upholding this WW1 legacy, GGK has reproduced this blade in modern execution keeping the design, detail and art within the blade alive.

The shinning belly with razor sharp edge and correct  geometry proves to be of full option kukri knife for the great khukuri lovers. The central balance with the downward sloping blade gives the distinctive ability for powerful cuts. This khukuri is very agile & flexible and swings with good handling, and provides extra thrust for stabbing, chopping and hacking. GGK has mostly borrowed all the old qualities and inherit the same in the modern aesthetics giving the holder the centuries old experience .

The khukuri comes in a wooden handle with high carbon steel blade and bolster and the a on the butt as per the MK1 originals. The notch “Kaudi” in dome shape is dot punched symbolising the crown of "The Queen of England". Also GGK has well made traditional scabbard with military frog and brass Chape molded atop the sheath.

History reveals this MK1 was first handmade in Nepal by local Kamis. Due to its outstanding performance this MK1 was in high demand and local Kamis couldn't produce to meet the uprising demand. This led to production of MK1 en-masses by the East India Company based in Kolkata in 1914 A.D. With the great valor exhibited by this stunning MK1, GGK too felt the need of reproducing this khukuri to keep the glorious tradition uphold held by MK1 alive for now and future. Though more replicates are available in the market, GGK has its own identity and uniqueness to offer to the khukuri lover.