13.5″ MK1 Khukuri

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Product Description

Product Info
Khukuri weight: 585gm
Total weight: 780gm
Blade size: 13.5”
Handle size: 4.5”
Upper spine: 7mm
Blade material: Hand forged carbon steel
Handle material: Rose wood with stick tang
Sheath: Wood and Ganjawal water buffalo leather

Product description
This is a 13.5″ MK1 Khukuri .
This khukuri was first made by East India Company in Kolkata in 1914 AD. MK1 khukuri was made by East India Company because the khukuri which was made in Nepal was not enough for Gurkha Army in 1st World War. Gurkha Army used guns but they believed more in the khukuri than the guns.The khukuri which was used by Gurkha Army was famous from 1st World war. The NOTCH will be nearby the handle in khukuri. In Nepali the notch is called “kaudi”.I think the Notch represent the “Queen crown”.In 1st and 2nd World War there were different designs of the notch, I don’t think that the Notch represented boudhanath temple because Buddha is known for the peace and light in the world. Also in Nepalese culture there are not any symbols that represent Buddha in Khukuris