12″ The Zombie Killer Khukuri


$ 139.00

Khukuri weight: 635gm
Total weight: 800gm
Blade size: 12″
Upper spine: 5mm
Handle size: 5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Handle material: wood Handle and copper  at Rivet new design handle
Sheath material:  Refined Water Buffalo Leather

This is 12" The Zombie Killer Khukuri, a kukri knife designed by GGK in modern aesthetics.

The well hand forged razor sharp edge of the blade is sharp & strong enough to cut & crush the corpses that comes fore as the name zombie implies. The blade is exquisite and stunning delivering powerful clean cuts. The lightweight blade is portable for gentle uses as well supported by comfortable handle. GGK has designed this new Zombie killer to be portable for both hands with much more flexibility. The bolster is modified to hand guard to prevent slipping from the moist palms during the heavy use and the extended rear pommel is suitable to knock down the walls & can also be used as hammer to strike nails when needed. 

The Zombie is a GGK’s unique design with thicker blade at the middle for rough uses. This makes it very suitable for both indoor and outdoor works. The khukuri can be used for souvenirs and decorative as well.

With well designed traditional light brown scabbard having good holding capacity of the blade, the khukuri comes in standard size.

A real multi functional weapon made by GGK to conquer the corpses.