18″ Hancy Killer Khukuri

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$ 209.00

Khukuri weight:      935gm
Total weight:            1050gm
Blade size:                18″
handle size:              6″
Upper spine:           11mm
Blade material:       High carbon steel
Handle material:    Wooden handle with full tang
Sheath material:    Khahare Peepal (a type of fig tree) wood and raw Ganjawal leather

This is an 18 inch Hancy Khukuri beautifully designed by our owner Mr. Purna Darnal himself. Artistically designed giving pride to the owner for combat and fighting this khukuri comes with distinctive ability for powerful and accurate cuts.

Historically this khukuri was used in the war with East India Company. But with great efforts Mr Darnal reproduced this khukuri with customized weight, thickness with traditional insignia of Trident (locally called Trishul) at the belly of the ferocious blades.

To add to the beauty of the khukuri, the butt cap has been engraved with the symbol of "Chhepu" made of brass which itself carries the historical aspects. Also the Chape is brass cover with the insigna of cross Khukuris with trident at the centre. The sheath is high quality raw leather with the traditional  designs. More than a standard khukuri this Hancy Design Khukuri is very versatile that can go with you anywhere making you feel pride and gallant.

Boasting an 18 inche long blade this khukuri has much more tip speed for superior chopping and combat performance. The balanced weight decreases cutting resistance without sacrificing much rigidity. The Hancy achieves a commanding, refined balance which makes it very agile when handled gently, still delivering massive, controlled power as you start putting energy into your swings.

The craftsmanship of this khukuri is amazing and if you are looking for the finest quality khukuri you will not be disappointed and its smooth performance with easy handling will always be in your memories.

The Hancy khukuri comes with two small knives namely Karda and Chakmak with the old designs. Karda can easily do the work of small knife while Chakmak is typically used for honing the blade and striking sparks for fire.