12″ Super Fast Light Army Khukuri (New Version)

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$ 169.00

Khukuri weight: 320 to 340gm
Total weight: 610gm
Blade size: 12″
Upper spine: 6mm
Blade material: High Carbon steel
Handle material: Rose Wood and One Copper Rivet
Sheath material: Wood and Water buffalo leather

This light army khukuri is a continuity of the legendary official kukri knives from the glorious history of Nepal. Originally the khukuri has copper handle with beautiful carvings. But GGK modified this khukuri in ultralight form with wooden rosewood handle but traditionally it is called satisal wood handle.

GGK has reproduced it in the lightest form till date. The smaller, fast and light feature makes it more agile and swift for the perfect handling. With its downward slope design blade it has more ability for powerful clean cuts upon the application of less effort .The mirror shining polished blade is added feature by GGK. It is the simplest of all  khukuris having all the needed basic features with its traditional aspects kept alive. The handle has the perfect grips on palms for greater retention and uphold of the blade.

Besides military use it is a perfect working khukuri that can be used for both domestic and jungle purposes . Also it is a great collection souvenir for the khukuri lovers and is a proper gift buy with attested Nepalese importance. Whenever Nepalese sees this khukuri emotions come from their heart raising their hands for making salutes for the great martyrs who had created-this wonderful history . GGK has tried the best to reflect the nobility of this khukuri in modern aesthetics.  

Two small knives namely Karda & Chakmak are also part of this kukri. Karda is a small sharp knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals. Similarly, we have Chakmak that can be used for honing the blade and to produce sparks for lighting fire. Due to its more agility and swiftness it is on high demand and more selling khukuris in the portfolio of GGK .