12″ Gurkha Hunter Khukuri

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$ 129.00

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Product Description

 Khukuri weight-              620gm
 Total weight-                    870gm
 Blade size-                         12”
 Handle size-                      5”
 Blade material-               High carbon steel
 Upper Spine –                   6mm
 Handle material-            sati saal wood
 Sheath-                               water buffalo leather

Product description 

*The Gurkha Hunter Khukuri is unique design  for khukuri passionate available at 12″ and 10″.  The blade is a razor sharp with a much greater tip speed and less cutting resistance .  This specific model features on powerful style for better stress distribution and more durability. The blade is designed for both thick and thinner woods  giving them the ability to hack through any kind of gentle surfaces in a way that larger khukuris aren’t capable of. Its light weight and aluminium  uplift  maintain an ideal agile and direct balance for chopping off the forest woods. This khukuri is versatile and dependable to go anywhere with you with a full tang handle. It is the hardest working, fiercely looking and toughest hunting knife “The Great Gurkha Khukuri”  has offered. The blade achieves a commanding ,refined balance and delivers massive and controlled power when you put energy into your swings. Available with western design scabbard with the straps for you to give the wild experiences.