11″ Special Iraqi Freedom Khukuri


$ 99.00

Khukuri weight: 540gm
Total weight: 710gm
Blade size: 11″
Upper spine: 9mm
Handle size: 5.”
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: “Khare Pipal” a type of fig wood and goat leather
Handle material: Wood and aluminium at rivet

This is an 11 inch Special Iraqi Freedom Khukuri. According to history, this khukuri was used by the Gurkha soldiers in the Iraq war when Iraqis had hold captive the British soldiers and this khukuri was used to free them. From that time this khukuri became famous as the blade is wild and ferocious. Its wilderness power can cut, chop, hack, stab without any resistance. GGK identifying its uniqueness has worked hard for making this Iraqi special khukuri spectacular.

The blade is presented in the traditional form keeping its ferocious utility intact. The sturdily built razor sharp blade has the same original power effectiveness for battles and jungle works. With the nice design and slender blade it can hack, pierce or stab any living floras and faunas. The wooden handle provides powerful grip in the heavy works too. So if you need a combat khukuri this is the one you should go for.

GGK has brought this blade in fearsome looks accompanied by traditional design scabbard. The blade is well retained in the sheath with the flexibility of unsheathing too. If anybody tries to charge upon you without any doubt unsheathe the blade and strike at lightening speed with less chance for the hostiles to run away.

Two small knives namely Karda and Chakmak accompanies this khukuri at the potholes of scabbard. Karda is the small sharp knife typically used for carving, digging holes, skinning animals, preparing kindling, whittling wood etc. Similarly Chakmak is used for honing the blade and producing sparks for fire.

GGK guarantees that with this Iraqi khukuri always feel free and secure with peaceful nights and days.