6″ American Shining Eagle Dragon Khukuri

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Product Description

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Khukuriweight:                 350gm
Total weight:                      420gm
Blade size:                          6”
Handle size:                       4.5”
Upper spine:                      7mm
Blade material:                 Highly graded carbon steel
Handle material:              Waterbuffalo bone and alumunium at rivet
Sheath:                               Wood and goat leather

Product description
This is a 6″ bone handle Eagle Dragon Khukuri. It is easy to handle and comes with a razor sharp blade. It is small sized but strong hunting khukuri because its handle is made of real bone which again makes for easy handling. It is used for outdoor and indoor works such as cutting woods, meat, clean bushes, etc. Its back side is serrated to clean off fish skin. It’s easier to carry anywhere while travelling.