6″ American Shining Eagle Dragon Khukuri

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$ 99.00

Khukuri weight: 350gm
Total weight: 420gm
Blade size: 6″
Upper spine: 7mm
Handle size: 4.5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Handle material: Water Buffalo Bone & Aluminum at rivet
Sheath material: Wood and goat leather

This is a 6 Inch American Shining Eagle Dragon Khukuri. The kukri knife is easy to handle as its handle is made with real bone and it comes with a well forged razor sharp blade.

Despite its small size it is a very strong hunting khukuri. This khukuri can be used for outdoor and indoor works such as cutting woods, meat, clean bushes, etc.

The upper spine of this khukuri is serrated to clean off fish scales. The handle is secured by metal bolster at the top and metal pommel at the bottom with the firm hold on the hands. The blade is highly polished (3 times) as compared to others which is the special feature of Great Gurkha Khukuri.  It’s easier to carry anywhere while travelling because of its light weight and can always be your true companion.