12″ 3 Fuller Hunting Khukuri


$ 149.00

Khukuri weight: 860gm
Total weight: 1060gm
Blade size: 12″
Upper spine: 9mm
Handle size: 5.5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: Khare Pipal (a type of fig tree) wood and refined buffalo leather
Handle material: Rose handle and copper at rivet

This is a 12.5 inch 3 fuller hunting khukuri. This is a khukuri specialized for hunting purpose with sturdily built strong and highly razor sharp blade. This medium sized khukuri has a finger grip on full tang handle. The guard is the integral part of your handle and saves your hand from slipping away during heavy and rough use in course of jungle activities.

With the perfect shape, size and design this khukuri is very good for combating in the wilds or hacking through thick bushes along with its use for basic household activities like chopping, cutting, slicing. This khukuri can also be used for defensive purpose to save yourself from enemy.

Handling this khukuri is very comfortable as GGK has put utmost efforts in its ergonomics for quick and rapid functioning with little effort. The razor sharp blade made by GGK with due consideration to every detail has accurate power and clean cuts.

The fullers provide extended flexibility and agility with a good balance on handling. This makes the khukuri very suitable for rough use and the owner has to never worry about the enemies till this "Hunting Khukuri" is in his hand.

Available in strong grip wooden handle with traditional designed scabbard that makes it easy to carry it on your belts by the side or at the back. These features help you be the master of jungle with fearsome look.

The scabbard has the good retention power of upholding the blade and unsheathing can be done in a fraction of seconds with no chance for the enemies to attack on you.

With modern aggressive looks and fearfulness that GGK has provided in this blade your enemy of any nature loves to remain aloof from your vicinity rather than combating with you and that is what GGK portrays with this knife.

Two small knives namely Karda & Chakmak are also provided with this Khukuri. Karda is a small sharp knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals. Similarly, we have Chakmak that can be used for honing  the blade and produce sparks .

Karda and Chakmak produced by GGK are of very high quality as they too are made from leaf spring blade compared to others serving the very purposes.