12″ Rust Free Panawal Khukuri


$ 109.00

Khukuri weight:          1150gm
Total weight:                1290gm
Blade size:                    12″
Handle size:                 5.5″
Upper spine:                12mm
Blade material:           Highly graded carbon steel
Handle material:        Rosehood with aluminium on rivet
Sheath material:         Wood with water buffalo leather

This is a 12 inch rust free Panawal Khukuri. This traditional Bhojpure Angkhola Panawal khukuri has a heavy blade. The heavy blade makes it suitable for hard works like cutting trees, butchering animals for meat etc.

Special Karda and Chakmak are given with khukuri. Karda can be used in fruit cutting, paper cutting, dig holes. Chakmak is used to sharpen the khukuri.