8″ Panawal Special Khukuri


$ 79.00

Khukuri Weight: 650gm
Total Weight: 820gm
Blade Size: 8″
Upper Spine: 11mm
Handle Size: 5”
Blade Material: High carbon steel
Handle Material: Rosewood and copper at rivet
Sheath Material: Wood and refined water buffalo leather

This is an 8 inch Panawal Special Gripper with bolster modified into hand guard .“Pana” means “tang ” and “wal” means type. Thus the handle of this khukuri is of famous Panawal version where the handle pieces are glued with epoxy  to the full flat tang and metal rivets are fitted together to strengthen the fixtures. Its one of the most solid khukuri forged by GGK with its unique own design. This design isn't available anywhere as it takes a lot of hard work and special, effort skill to polish its blade using buffing wheel along with shinning soap.

This is a type of hunting khukuri with razor sharp blade.The blade is sturdily built with distinctive cutting power and gives clean finished cuts. The traditional wooden handle has the strong grips flexible for both the hands. The bolster is modified into hand guard to prevent the hands from slipping off during heavy uses. The blade is sharp enough for cutting everything such as meats, bones, soft iron, hard woods etc.
The khukuri comes in traditional design shining brown scabbard with frog for easy portability. Two small knives namely Karda and Chakmak, a great build by GGK, comes with this khukuri.
Karda is a sharp small knife that can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals etc. Similarly, Chakmak can be used for honing the blade and producing flints for sparking fires.
A well built unique blade from GGK suitable for hunting and outdoor purposes.