9″ Nepal Police Khukuri


$ 42.00

Khukuri weight: 440gm
Total weight: 575gm
Blade size: 9″
Upper spine: 9mm
Handle size: 4.7/5″
Blade material: High graded carbon steel
Handle material: Rosewood
Sheath material: Wood and Water Buffalo Leather

This is a 9 Inch Nepal Police Khukuri. This is only used by police personnel as special logo is engraved at the butt-cap.

This kukri is used by police personnel from early recruits till the end of service with great care and maintenance. Not just a khukuri but a legend descended from glorious history. GGK added this Nepal police khukuri in its portfolio with modern execution and superior design. It is a light weight khukuri with sturdily built razor sharp blade. The blade is well hand forged with sharp edge for powerful and accurate cuts. The smaller and light feature makes it more agile and swift for perfect handling. The wooden handle with ridges and grooves provide sturdy grip.

The full tang handle is tough enough to crack on any hard or light materials that comes fore. Both pommel and bolster are made from thick brass able to withstand the heavy impact taken by the blade. Besides official use it can be used for domestic uses but GGK forbade it because of the official recognition.

Available in traditional design black scabbard with best craftsmanship with the modern state of art blade this khukuri comes with two small knives namely Karda and chakmak. Karda is a small sharp knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning animals and whittling twigs . Also the Chakmak is useful for honing the blade and producing sparks for fire. GGK has put enormous efforts to reflect the nobility of Nepalese police in modern blade.