14″ Two Fuller Officer Khukuri


$ 149.00

Khukuri weight: 655gm
Total weight: 920gm
Blade size: 14″
Upper spine: 8mm
Blade material: High carbon steel
Handle material: Wood
Sheath material: Wood and Ganjawal Water buffalo leather

The 14 Inch fuller officer khukuri is a high level officer kukri knife reproduced by GGK in traditional attire but with the modern ergonomics combined.

After the great wars the significance of hand forged knives were greatly felt because of the fearsome nature shown by these blades in the battle field. These knives stood as the identity of valour and galore and great army officers started searching ferocious knives for upkeeping the traditional descend, as a result Officer khukuri were seen on the waistband of Army personnel .

Traditionally the khukuri comes in the silver mounted scabbard  "kothimora"but with slight difference GGk reproduced this army khukuri in 2 fuller form . The kothimora scabbard was replaced by leather scabbard in the older design . The high polished razor sharp blade with the etched inlays gives the distinctive powerful cuts . The long slender design blade maintain an ideal powerful, controlled balance for the chopping and cutting purposes. Both pommel and bolster are made from thick iron plate to withstand the heavy impact taken by the blade .

The khukuri with stick tang is flexible for easy handling with wooden grooves and ridges providing non slippery and sturdy grip , exerting more force on the cutting material . The flexibility gives the power for more hacking and stabbing so this khukuri has been the choice of selected army officers. Till now legends own this khukuri as a matter of great pride.

The khukuri comes in red ganjawal leather sheath with straps and button giving the traditional looks. It has two potholes for karda and Chakmak.Karda is a small sharp knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals. Similarly, we have Chakmak that can be used for honing  the blade and produce sparks .

Karda and Chakmak produced by GGK is of high quality as they are too made from leaf spring blade compared to others serving the very purpose .

GGk assures you that with this khukuri you break down your enemies before they retaliate suffering massive damages.