6″ American Eagle Khukuri


$ 69.00

Khukuri Weight: 400gm
Total Weight: 490
Blade Size: 6″
Upper Spine: 9mm
Handle Size: 5″
Blade Material: Highly Graded Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Water buffalo bone and aluminium at rivet
Sheath Material: Wood and refined leather

This is a 6" American Eagle khukuri with hand guard at the bolster. This is a small sized hunting khukuri with hand forged razor sharp blade.

Though the khukuri possess a small blade size, it carries enough weight for better chopping and cutting activities. This khukuri is used for cutting woods, branches, meat, clean bushes etc.

The 6" blade shape resembles the original and traditional version of famous "Bhojpure" khukuri of Nepal. The handle with secured grip properly fits the fists giving the user joyous experience of jungle trials while hiking through thick bushes in the jungle.

Available in the traditional scabbard with two pot holes for Karda and ChakmakĀ  this khukuri is very portable. Due to its light weight it can be carried to any place any time.

The Pommel is covered with the structure of Eagle which gives it the name "American Eagle Khukuri ".

Two small knives namely Karda & Chakmak are also provided along with this khukuri. Karda is a small knife used to cut small woods, twigs, dig holes, skinning out animals whereas Chakmak is used for honing the blade and striking sparks from flint.