6″ American Eagle Bone Handle Khukuri


$ 79.00

Khukuri Weight: 420gm
Total Weight: 480gm
Blade Size: 6″
Upper Spine: 10mm
Handle Size: 4.5″
Blade Material: Highly Graded Carbon Steel
Sheath Material: Wood and goat leather
Handle Material: Water buffalo bone and aluminum rivet

This is a 6 inch American Eagle Khukuri with hand-guard at ricasso. Although small sized this hunting khukuri boasts a well hand forged razor sharp blade.

The well annealed high tempered blade is designed with accuracy and good ergonomics which makes it more agile at the time of use.

The blade is sturdily built enough to workout for chopping, cutting, clearing, splitting along with combating and defensive. Portable with well designed  scabbard it can be your friend anywhere anytime any moment.

The bone handle with traditional design is a good fit for the palms providing much more agility when using it.

The pommel is secured with structure of "Eagle Symbol" representing the American insignia so we named it “American Eagle".