10″ Chitlange Khukuri

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$ 99.00

Khukuri weight: 615gm
Total weight: 920gm
Blade size: 10″
Upper spine: 9mm
Handle size: 5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: Rosewood and copper at rivet
Handle material: Khahare Peepal (a type of fig tree wood) and refined water buffalo leather

This is a 10 inch Chitlange Khukuri. This khukuri originated in "Chitlang", a traditional village of Nepal .

This khukuri comes with a razor sharp blade. The handle properly fits the palm giving the user a strong grip with more agility.

Historically this is a famous Limbuwan khukuri which was mainly used by the Limbu indigenous tribe of Nepal.
The balde is smooth and razor sharp which makes it useful for any indoor and outdoor works.

Two small knives namely Karda & Chakmak are provided with this khukuri. Karda is a small sharp knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals. Similarly, we have Chakmak that can be used for honing  the blade and produce sparks .

Karda and Chakmak produced by GGK are of the highest quality as they are too made from leaf spring blade compared to others serving the very purpose.