10.5″ New American Khukuri

$ 105.00


Product Description

Khukuri weight-         730gm
Total weight-                910gm
Blade size-                     10.5”
Handle size-                  5.5”
Upper spine-                 6mm
Blade material-            High carbon steel
Handle material-         horn handle and aluminium at rivet
Sheath-                           Made of Wood and refined water buffalo leather.
Product description
This is a 10.5inch new American Gripper handle zombie khukuri.

It comes with razor sharp blade.

It is very flexible and can be used with both the hands .

It is a hunting khukuri for outdoor purposes .

It is a modern khukuri with our own design.

The shape of the handle gives the most secure grip .The craftsmanship is amazing with stunning looks .
It can be used as business gifts and also in decoratives. Although beautiful looks dangerous too.

Two small blades are also part of this khukuri i.e.(karda and Chakmak)

“karda” is a small ,sharp utility knife which can be used to cut small wood for kindling,carve holes,skinning animals etc. And the “Chakmak” a purposely blunt blade with high level of hardness that is used for honing the Khukuri and Karda in the field, and also for striking sparks .