10.5″ New American Khukuri


$ 105.00

Khukuri weight:           730gm
Total weight:                 910gm
Blade size:                     10.5″
Handle size:                  5.5″
Upper spine:                 6mm
Blade material:            High carbon steel
Handle material:         Horn handle and aluminium at rivet
Sheath material:          Wood and refined water buffalo leather

This is a 10.5 inch New American Gripper Handle Zombie Khukuri, a very special modern design of GGK to with specific features of smart blade.

This khukuri comes with well forged razor sharp blade. The overall build of the khukuri is very flexible and can be used with both the hands.

The shape of the handle gives the most secure grip. The craftsmanship of this khukuri is amazing with stunning looks & full of aesthetics.

This is a hunting khukuri for outdoor purposes. This khukuri can also be used as business gifts and also in decorative. Although this khukuri looks beautiful, its very lethal too.

Two small blades namely Karda & Chakmak are also part of this khukuri. Karda is a small, sharp utility knife which can be used to cut small wood for kindling, carve holes, skinning animals etc. And the Chakmak, a purposely blunt blade with high level of hardness that is used for honing the Khukuri and Karda in the field, and also for striking sparks to light fire.