$ 69.00

Blade size: 6-7″ 
Handle size: 5″ (12cm)
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: Wood, water buffalo leather & brass
Handle material: Wood & brass

Khurmi knife is a historical knife used by women in Eastern Nepal till date. Its also known as woman's kukri since woman don't use the kukri. Women used this khurmi to harvest crops as its design makes it more agile for cutting crops and for kitchen use. It is a very versatile knife which can also be used for cutting & chopping.  Designed in semi-circle like a crescent moon this knife is also used to worship gods according to Hindu culture of Eastern Nepal.

Beautiful design is carved along the spine of the blade to make the knife more appealing to the women. The handle is made of wood & brass. It also has a ring attached to the buttcap of the handle which is comparable to a woman's earring.

The blade is made of High Carbon Steel gives it real strength for chopping & cutting. The steel also makes it extremely durable. The scabbard is traditional design made of wood & refined water buffalo leather with brass cap.