12″ Butterfly Sword


$ 235.00

Khukuri weight: 710gm
Total weight: 900gm
Blade size: 31cm
Upper spine: 6mm
Handle size: 12 cm
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: Khare pepal (a type of fig) tree wood and water goat leather
Handle material: Satisaal wood rosewood

The butterfly sword is a single edged Chinese sword originated from southern China, though its presence can be felt in the northern China too. With best craftsmanship laid, the sword has longer blade length than standard size and is the best martial arts utility tool.

Well hand forged and controlled heat treatment has made the blade strong with everlasting durability. Butterflies were generally commissioned for individual martial artists, not mass-produced, so every set of swords is different; however, this blade has 12” length. The blade of a butterfly sword is roughly as long as a human forearm, which allows easy concealment inside loose sleeves or boots,and allows greater maneuverability when spinning and rotating during close-quarters fighting.

Butterfly swords are usually wielded in pairs. A pair of swords will often be carried side by side within the same scabbard, so as to give the appearance of a single weapon.The butterfly sword has a small cross-guard to protect the hands of the wielder, similar to that of a sai, which can also be used to block or hook an opponent's weapon. In some versions the cross-guard is enlarged offering a second handhold, held in this position the swords can be manipulated in a manner akin to a pair of tonfa. They may also be used as brass knuckles when non-lethal application of the weapon is desired. This butterfly sword would make an amazing show piece for martial arts blade and light user. 

Traditionally, the blade of a butterfly sword is only sharpened along half of its edge – from the middle of the blade to the tip; this can be seen in all vintage specimens from the Qing dynasty. The blade from the midpoint down is left blunt so that it can be used to deliver non-lethal strikes and to block without damaging the sharpened edge. Butterflies were generally commissioned for individual martial artists, not mass-produced, so every set of swords is different. however, the ones GGK has  produced is 31 cm blade with a 12 cm handle grip.

A visually stunning fuller with razor sharp edge “(uniqueness of Purna, the master knife designer on behalf of GGK)“ is very powerful for cutting, slicing, stunting and much more. It's agile, it's sharp, it's flexible and it's awesome! Its perfect balance makes it dance and swing so intuitively that it's like it knows where you want it to be swinging lightly in the air, striking target more swiftly before your hands and minds capture it.

With GGK’s superior differential heat treatment and tempering process you’ve got a sword that is indestructible fixed and rigid though heavy but well balanced. In the age of creative destruction GGK tries to remain ahead of the competitors and deliver antique blades in modern decent providing utmost satisfaction for the Khukuri heralds .

 The D-shape of the handle and extra long hand guard gives the most secure grip with much more flexibility and security to dance the knife freely in the air. It is a beautiful, dangerous thing. You can use it in the field, demonstrate your blade dancing skill and take part in the worldwide shows earning name and fame. We boast upon this unique reproduction as it is a very unique redesign, very difficult for imitators to copy it raising our standards of great blade-smith.

Eric Anthony Leong “United States” Forged in fire, Hunga Munga, runner-up episode 306 a great film artisan has this special order made for his upcoming movies and the stunts performed by him with this set of sword. You can watch his review of these beautiful knives made by us.