15″ Royal Hancy Khukuri

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Khukuri weight: 625gm
Total weight: 970gm
Blade size: 15″
Upper spine: 8mm
Handle size: 6″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: Wood and refined water buffalo leather
Handle material: Sandan and copper at rivet

This is a 15 inch Royal Hancy Khukuri. Historically this kukri knife was forged during the Shah and Rana regime for royal outfits. GGK reproduced this artistically designed blade in noble form, with the razor sharp edge capable for powerful and accurate cuts.

The royal nobility is well maintained and reflected in the etched designs with traditional artistic wooden handle. GGK has inherited the best craftsmanship to keep its legends alive exhilarating hancy looks and design.

The blade is typically far more slender with a slightly thinner spine to boot. This allows the khukuri significantly more agile, with a much greater tip speed and less cutting resistance. This optimises the blades for thinner wood and gives them the ability to hack through thin flexible bush in a way that many larger khukuris simply aren’t capable of.

GGK’s Royal Hancy is a perfectly balanced khukuri standing on it’s own edge best suited for natural cuts. The handle too is stunning with carved designs. This Royal Hancy can be used for both indoor and outdoor works serving the purpose of souvenir, memento(gifts) , sabotaging and retaliation.

GGK has designed brown leather scabbard with the military frog upholding traditional buttons and straps . The scabbard has good retention quality of blade with no fear of losing your survival weapon any moment.

It is accompanied by two small knives namely Karda & Chakmak at the potholes of the scabbard. Karda is the sharp small knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals. Similarly, we have Chakmak that can be used for honing the blade and producing strikes for fire. GGK boasts upon the high quality Karda and chakmak compared to others."The Royal Hancy is a multi use khukuri with traditional legend intact."