12″ Repro Old Army Khukuri

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$ 150.00

Khukuri weight:       450gm
Total weight:             700gm
Blade size:                 12″
Upper spine:             10mm at bolster, 8mm at center and 3mm at tip
Blade material:        High carbon steel
Handle material:     Sati Saal wood with rings and grooves
Sheath material:      Wood and raw water buffalo leather

This is a repro of 12 inch Old Army Khukuri. The new weight has been confined to 450gm for easy handling with powerful accurate cuts.

With its beautiful design and good ergonomics this khukuri serves as a real functional weapon that gives a noble pride to the owner. This khukuri has been basically designed for combat and hunting considering the due design, detail and art within the blade. Though thin and light it delivers the excellent power for smooth and fine chops.

The downward slope of the blade has the immense ability of powerful cuts. The well hand forged blade is sturdily built enough to work out for its very purposes. Chopping, cutting, clearing, splitting , combating and defense are the purposes served by this khukuri. Perfectly balanced at the center this blade handles like a nimble fighter and the handle is wonderful in enhancing the control of the blade.

This khukuri comes with added features of brass bolster with special engravings, notch representing the head of a bird "Parrot". The buttcap has a brass covering of the scripture of "Chhepu" the holy serpentine of Nepal whose history dates back to the origin of Kathmandu Valley, the Capital city of Nepal.

The shape and design of khukuri is highly agile with long lasting durability. The traditional handle carved with rings and grooves gives more gripping power to get hold of khukuri effectively. It is because of its stellar performance, versatility, power and resilience the owner may acknowledge it to be the best perfect khukuri manufactured by "The Great Gurkha Khukuri Shop".

Portable with traditional design scabbard with brass chape at the sheath & the logo of GGK, it has two potholes for Karda and Chakmak. Karda is the small utility knife for skinning, cutting twigs, digging holes etc while Chakmak is used for honing the blade and striking on flint to produce fire.

GGK assures the customers that it has left no stones unturned to make this khukuri very beneficial for indoor as well as outdoor works.