12″ Historical Army Khukuri

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$ 135.00

Khukuri weight: 770gm
Total weight: 1260gm
Blade size: 12″
Upper spine: 8mm
Handle size: 5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: Pipal wood with Ganjawal leather
Handle material: Rosewood and copper at rivet

This is a 12 inch historical army khukuri presented by ''GGK'' in modern executions. The original versions were used by the then Royal Nepalese Army, the Royal Gurkha Rifles of the British Army, the Gurkha regiments of Indian Army and mostly by the Gurkha regiment through out the world in different battles at the different parts of the world. This khukuri is listed with those khukuri blade that has created history of ferocious combatant by the Gurkhas.

GGK has altered the old dimensions in the modern ergonomics upholding all the traditional qualities in the modern blade. Thus the combination of old blade in the modern dynamics serves the very purpose of a great army khukuri. The blade has brass inlays with traditional insignia of crescent moon engraved in the belly reflecting the historical virtues. Also the added fullers help in the weight reduction increasing the swiftness of the razor sharp edge blade. The well hand forged razor sharp blade has the quality of beheading any life with gentle thrust providing excellent power in the person to person combat with the holder turning victorious .

GGK boasts upon this ferocious quality of this khukuri. The wooden handle too is made with metal bolster and metal butt cap plays a significant role upon handling this khukuri. The traditional design rings and ridges help on to get hold of the khukuri gently even during the harsh use without the blade slipping from the hand. It is a wild killer for your enemies which is always ferocious and scaring .

Available in the well designed, traditional and historical scabbard this khukuri is a worth million for its owner. The loop and buttons portrays historical aspect keeping the tradition alive. The scabbard has the good retention power of upholding the blade with Karda and Chakmak inserted at the potholes with dashing looks. If you wander through the jungle with this khukuri your heart will be filled with courage and valor to defend any substances you desire turning you out to a purposeful combatant .

Two small knives Karda and Chakmak accompany this khukuri with Karda a small blade used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals and Chakmak for honing the blade and producing sparks for fire.