12.5″ GGK Fighting Khukuri

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$ 169.00

Khukuri weight: 394gm
Total weight: 610gm
Blade size: 12.5″ (31cm)
Upper spine: 7mm
Lower spine: 4mm
Handle size: 5″ (12cm)
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: Khahare Peepal (a type of fig) tree wood and water buffalo leather
Handle material: Satesaal wood “rosewood”

A mirror shinning perfectly balanced khukuri with 12.5” blade forged by Purna Darnal on behalf of GGK by his own hands. The powerful and feature rich Kukri Knife has stunning looks on the blade with the edge so razor sharp that you can have a shave if handled gently. The surface gives the best impression of your image when looked upon as the blade surface is highly polished with due attention.

“Surrounded by the foes with no chance than just combating, then unsheathe this khukuri carry gently in your hands and invite them for one to one combat. It is fast; it is agile; it is sturdy; it is light; it is powerful very much powerful for clean decapitation. With its dazzling looks and swift performance your foes will kneel down on your knees for mercy within the fraction of time “A devastating curse for your foes but a sight of attraction for the onlookers.

The blades distinctive forward drop is intended to act as a weight on the end of the blade and make the khukuri fall on the target faster and with more power. It's perfect balance makes it dance and swing so intuitively that it's like it knows where you want it to be swinging lightly in the air, the target met more swiftly before your hands and minds capture. The continuous sweeping curvature of the edge aids the blade in chopping similar to a hatchet due to less surface area being in contact for deep cuts. Best craftsmanship is carved on the blade with brass inlays of “crescent moon” near the blood groove; brass engraved “Chhepu” the holy serpent at the buttcap; and a gorgeous design “Chho”.

A khahare peepal wooden scabbard moulded by refined water buffalo leather is a work of art by itself. The satisal wooden handle has smooth touch with rings and grooves supporting your hand. For attacking this khukuri is most effective, as a chopping or slashing weapon, though it can be used for stabbing and piercing. "Your foes will cry in great agony and kneel down for your compassion begging for mercy".

Two small knives namely Karda and Chakmak made from high quality spring steel iron (special feature of GGK) comes with it. Karda is the sharp small knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals. Similarly, we have Chakmak that can be used for honing the blade and striking sparks for fire.