8″ TK Sharp Khukuri

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$ 91.00

Khukuri Weight: 450gm
Total Weight: 550gm
Blade Size: 8”
Upper Spine: 7mm
Handle Size: 5”
Blade Material: High carbon steel
Handle Material: Rosewood and copper at rivet
Sheath Material: Water buffalo leather

This is an 8 inch TK Gripper knife, a completely new design by GGK . The blade is well hand forged and sturdily built to carry out great cutting works.

This is a real hunting type of  Khukuri with the upper and lower spines serrated for fierce looks. The curved blade with downwards slope has the distinctive ability for powerful and accurate cuts. This double edged knife is constructed keeping in mind the design & detailed art within the blade.

The strong blade serves the purpose of combat fighting as well as defense. The shape of the handle gives the most secured grip with copper rivets adorning its great beauty.

This khukuri used for outdoor works and for hunting purposes. It can be very useful while following through jungle trails and making your way through thick bushes in the wild. This khukuri cal also be used to cut and split woods,  chop off meat etc.  Available in well designed western scabbard with straps to tie around the waist or legs this khukuri gives a stunning looks to the onlookers .

The scabbard has a pothole for Karda, a small sharp knife to cut small woods dig holes, skinning out animals etc. Karda produced by GGK is of high quality as it is made from leaf spring blade and the owners will feel pride to have this ferocious looking blade.

GGK has put enormous effort to make this knife beautiful with the onlookers gazing at its stunning beauty. This khukuri is a friend for you any time any moment. Just hold on & carry, others will follow you. This is one of the best knives GGK has produced.