10″ Butcher Axe Knife

$ 119.00


Product Description

Khukuri weight:       620gm
Total weight:             820gm
Handle size:               5.5″
Blade size:                 10″
Upper spine:             8mm
Blade material:        High carbon steel
Handle material:     Rosewood and copper rivet
Sheath material:      Refined water buffalo leather


Product Description:

This is a “Butcher Axe Knife”  specially designed as a new beast for the wild.  It can be used primarily for butchering or dressing of animal carcasses, splitting heavy logs into thin pieces, crushing the hard bones into fine grains and slicing woods into thin stripes.

The sturdily heftier blade works well for splitting, stripping and hacking. The hand forged razor sharp blade has the distinctive ability for powerful and accurate cuts. Well annealed high tempered blade with accurate design and good ergonomics is very agile with long lasting durability.  The extended full tang handle can break down the walls or hack through the doors.

Available in western design scabbard it is very portable to carry through the dense jungles searching the wild which only this beast can see.

A “Beast for the Wild” and “Enemy for the Enemies”.