10″ American Eagle Dragon Bone Handle Khukuri


$ 119.00 $ 99.00

Khukuri weight: 655gm
Total weight: 815gm
Blade size: 10″
Upper spine: 11mm
Handle size: 5.5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Handle material: Water buffalo bone & aluminium at rivet
Sheath material: Wood and goat leather

This is a 10 inch American Eagle Dragon Bone Handle Khukuri.

The blade is well forged highly razor sharp.The spine is serrated for tearing off the fish scales and scrubbing the wooden trunks. The handle which is made from real bone of water buffalo has grips that fits the hand properly. This khukuri has better edge maintenance and razor sharp blade for the hunters to use it in effective way for proper results. With the slender design and curved blade the user gets the perfect balance with more agility while cutting.

This is an official sized hunting khukuri which can be used to cut woods, meat, clean bushes, jungle safaris, hiking etc. The spine can be used to tear off fish scales.