16″ Kopis – A Nepalese Version


$ 249.00

Khukuri weight: 760gm
Total weight: 1020gm
Blade size: 16”
Upper spine: 6mm
Handle size: 6″
Blade material: High Carbon Steel
Handle material: Wood Handle and Copper Rivet 
Sheath material: Refined Water Buffalo Leather

A lot of hardships thorough periodic researches and endeavors led GGK  proudly to launch this devil’s edge blade “The Kopis “ a very historical multi utility cutting tool. A great endeavor taken by Purna & GGK team to bring the history to real world.

“kopis” a Greek cutting one handed sword was borned by Greek warriors with the sole aim of carving this blade into the helmets and armors of their foes at closed entangles to gain superior power on the opponents and enjoy much more fanfare victories. It was a supplementary weapon as “ Spear” was the primary weapon then at the battle field. This secondary weapon “Kopis” was used when spears become impractical for the front ranks of phalanxes because of its unique short length and powerful thrusts.

This “kopis” is sturdily built blade with different leaps of imagination and practical testings for real functions. Historically "Kopis" were large blades and heavy weight. But GGK reproduced it in the light form with all the old ergonomics kept intact with much more easy handling and flexible swirls.The thick blade spine characterized by 2 fullers , forward sloping elongated tip combine to give a powerful thrust and gentle blow for more chopping and hacking power akin to an axe than a sword. The high end razor sharp edge a special characteristic of GGK delivers the maximum ability for clean, powerful and perfect hacks. The Kopis had a single-edged blade that pitched forward towards the point, the edge being concave on the part of the sword nearest the hilt, but swelling to convexity towards the tip. This shape, often termed "re-curved", distributes the weight in such a way that the Kopis was capable of delivering a blow with the momentum of an axe, whilst maintaining the long cutting edge of a sword and with some facility to execute a gentle thrust. 

It is a work-horse, a powerful combating tool that keeps your enemy awake even in their dreams and you with the "Kopis" in your hand inherit the power of those great warriors which you hardly had dreamt of. With smooth fine finish and balanced near the guard, it is the blade with historical art-piece , the handle resembling the head of the horse and "Ying-Yang" a Chinese symbol etched on it is thought as the complementary forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts.

To add beauty GGK has designed this fierce blade with stitched leather scabbard with an integrated belt loop for easy carrying. It is the product of GGK with true value of money. Passion for high end blades dies with the attainment of this blade "Kopis".