16″ American Eagle Khukuri

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$ 199.00

Khukuri weight: 1470gm
Total weight: 1770gm
Blade size: 16″
Upper spine: 10mm
Handle size: 6.5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Handle material: Rosewood with Aluminum Rivet
Sheath material: Wood and Water Buffalo leather

This is a 16 inch American Eagle khukuri with hand guard at the bolster. This is a heavy blade khukuri with well hand forged razor sharp blade.

This kukri knife is used for outdoor works mainly to cut big wooden blocks, logs, trees, bamboos etc.

This khukuri has a traditional handle with gripper for easy handling with both hands that properly fits the fists and gives much more power at the time of cutting. This khukuri is very portable despite its heavy weight.

The khukuri is available in the traditional scabbard with two pot holes for "Karda" and "Chakmak". It can be easily carried to any place any time.

The pommel is covered with the stricture of American Eagle that has derived the name "American Eagle Khukuri".

Karda is the small knife used to cut small woods, twigs, dig holes, skinning out animals whereas Chakmak is used for honing the blade and striking sparks from flint. Karda and Chakmak produced by GGK are of high quality as they are too made from leaf spring blade compared to others serving the very purpose .