12″ D- BAR khukuri

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$ 159.00

Khukuri weight:      570gm
Total weight:           730gm
Handle size:             5.5″
Blade size:                12″
Upper spine:            6mm
Blade material:        High carbon steel
Handle material:     Rosewood and copper rivet with western design handle.
Sheath material:      Khare Pipal (a type of fig) wood and refined goat leather

12" D-Bar khukuri

A modern design 12” full tang Panawal with D-guard safety handle purposely built by GGK for jungle trails and wild adventures. To provide fearless adventure while fighting with the wilds is the concept kept at its forging. So the blade is lightweight, razor sharp providing more torques at the application of less efforts.

The wickedly recurved blade is designed in such a way that the power of blade is thoroughly distributed and rests upon the targets with deep influential cuts. No hassles, no barriers this blade has and portable to carry in the jungle bushes with much gripper strong wooden handle with lanyard hole assisting you to tie in your belts and hands with a thin rope. The razor sharp edge has no doubt for powerful clean cuts. Decapitation, stabbing, chopping, skinning is not a issue for this awesome blade as it is a modern fast and super agile .

The fuller ‘Chirra’ is deeply gorged for gentle thrusts and ‘chho’ moulded into new form for providing astonishing looks. The D-guard safety confides the user for any uses this blade is designed for. Fighting with the wilds and conquering them is easy with this GGK’S superb design. Best geometry adopted at the forging process with best heat and water treatments for sturdy superstrong blade. A good retention power is upheld by traditional design yellowish- brown beautiful scabbard not letting your khukuri fall of at any hasty-nasty jungle ventures.

An exquisite example of local craftsmanship and traditional skills poured at this gentle khukuri gives the owner due respect and dignity by the great Gurkha warriors.