12″ Dragon Scale Khukuri

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$ 149.00

Khukuri weight: 898gm
Total weight: 1126gm
Blade size: 12″
Upper spin: 9mm
Handle size: 6.5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: Traditional “khare Pipal”, a type of fig tree, wood with  fine water buffalo leather
Handle material: Wood handle (SATIS-SAAL)

It is a 12 inch Dragon Scale Khukuri, one of our newest products of GGK and is a hardcore performing blade. This raw finish provides extra sheer and raw force.

The blade is highly annealed, well tempered for long lasting durability with the upper trunk of the belly hammered and flattened for dragon scales scripture. Modifications carried out by GGK on the traditional blade with new ergonomics portrays the best form and statically functional relationship with great value.

The handle features a engraved lattice design with copper rivets gives the traditional look. The handle is little longer portraying  the western design serving the vested interest of this powerful chopper. The guard at the integral part prevents the hand from slipping forward during heavy use. It has also got full tang construction. The blade weight is balanced for sharp use making it a fast khukuri.

This is a hunting/jungle khukuri with razor sharp edge. This is generally used for cutting tree limbs, clear bushes, butchering meat etc.

Traditionally, two types of small blades namely Karda & Chakmak are also a part of this khukuri set. Karda is a small, sharp utility knife which can be used to cut small wood for kindling, carve holes, skinning animals etc. And Chakmak a purposely blunt blade with high level of hardness that is used for honing the Khukuri and Karda in the field. Chakmak can also be used for striking sparks for fire.

Karda and Chakmak produced by GGK are of the highest quality as they are too made from leaf spring blade compared to others serving the very purpose.