5″ Panawal Stone Khukuri


$ 59.00

Khukuri weight: 190gm
Total weight: 270gm
Blade size: 5″
Upper spine: 6mm
Handle size: 4″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Handle material: Rosewood with mineral stone
Sheath material: Wood and refined water buffalo leather

This is a small 5 inch Panawal Mineral Stone Khukuri. “Pana” means “tang” and “wal” means type. Thus the handle of this khukuri is of famous Panawal version where the handle pieces are glued with epoxy to the full flat tang and metal rivets are fitted together to strengthen the fixtures.This khukuri is also termed as kitchen knife in Nepal. Its design originated from Bhojpur 46 years ago.

This khukuri has a very strong blade with good fitting handle.It is a small size light weight portable to carry any places you deserve too. The wooden handle is flashy with beautiful design and sturdy grip helps you to have good hold of the blade. Also beautiful patterns are carved in the scabbard depicting cultural and traditional significance. This khukuri is best suited for ceremonies and as a gift to mark respect and appreciation. This is paper cutter khukuri with a razor sharp blade and can also be used in the kitchen for cutting,very handy handy while camping and trekking. The small size of this khukuri makes it very portable & easy to carry.

This khukuri is also used as decorative and as business gifts.