11″ Royal Gurkha Kothimora Khukuri

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$ 369.00

Khukuri weight:      650gm
Total weight:            820gm
Blade size:                 11″
Upper spine:            9mm
Handle size:              5.5″
Blade material:       High carbon steel
Handle material:    Water buffalo leg bone
Sheath material:     Velvet and Silver (110 gm)

This is an 11 inch Royal Gurkha Kothimora Khukuri. Kothimora refers the khukuri with scabbard especially decorated from silver with top quality velvet as background. This is a special khukuri reproduced by GGK in traditional design with modern aesthetics.

Originally this khukuri was manufactured in 1916. Kothimoras were presented as gifts for departing army officers recognizing their contributions and deeds. A retired officer can get this khukuri from his regiment as memento. GGK has reproduced this khukuri keeping in mind the design, detail and art within the blade. The scabbard designed by our own gold smith reflects the high quality craftsmanship and is amazing with regimental cap badges & beautiful patterns mounted on it depicting cultural and traditional values.

After Second World War the battalion armies who had displayed their bravery were used to be rewarded with this khukuri like a honorary medal. During those days the battalion used to make Kothimora khukuri making it an excellent gift while bidding them farewell for their special contributions. The colors of the respective regiment are kept as background using high quality velvet. A Nepali bridegroom can also be seen wearing Kothimora Khukuri as a matter of pride during the wedding ceremony.

GGK has made this khukuri with medium weight for excellent power distribution. Downward slope of this blade gives distinctive ability for powerful and accurate cuts. The bone handle with silver bolster and silver buttcap gives the khukuri a stunning look with the handle shape giving the most secured grip. Due to its special purpose built blade, GGK recommends Kothimora for light use and not for heavy prying or chopping.

Two small blades namely Karda & Chakmak are accompanied with this khukuri. Karda is a small, sharp utility knife which can be used to cut small wood for kindling, carve holes, skinning animals etc. And the Chakmak, a purposely blunt blade with high level of hardness that is used for honing the Khukuri and Karda in the field, and also for striking sparks to light fire.