16″ Kaji Kalu Pande Khukuri

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Product Description

Khukuri weight:         595gm
Total weight:               928gm
Blade size:                   18”
Handle size:                5″
Upper spine:               7mm
Blade material:          Highly graded carbon steel
Handle material:        Rose wood
Sheath material:         Wood and  water buffalo leather

Product Description:
This is 16″ Kaji Kalu Pande Khukuri. It was used during the unification campaign carried out by The great king Prithvi Narayan Shah. Kalu Pande was the right hand man of the great king. He had assisted in many battles and achieved a remarkable victory. He is well known for his bravery and great war skills. With his consistent support and leadership the Gurkha army had won many battles. His role in unification campaign is highly praised by his army men and the then revelers. During the war with kirtipur he lost his eyes and later his head was chopped off at Thankot, the entry point of the Kathmandu valley by his enemies. Sadly his death was irreparable loss for the Gurkha soldiers. However the unification campaign carried on and resulted in formation The greater Nepal kingdom.

Kalu Pande was made the Commander-in-Chief of the Gorkhali Army after Biraj Thapa Magar and his first major Battle was the Battle of Kirtipur. Despite his initial resentment that the valley kings were well prepared and the Gorkhalis were not, Pande gave an ‘Yes’ to the operation on being insisted from Prithvi Narayan. The Gorkhalis had set up a base on Naikap, a hill on the valley’s western rim, from where they were to mount their assaults on Kirtipur. They were armed with swords, bows and arrows and muskets.

The Valley Kings brought a large number of Doyas from Indian Plains under Shaktiballabh sardar. During the first assault in 1757, the Gorkhali army killed 1200 enemies, mostly Doyas, but were badly beaten themselves. Both sides suffered heavy losses. As they advanced towards Kirtipur,the combined force of Valley Kings under Kaji Gangadhar Jha, Kaji Gangaram Thapa and Sardar Shaktiballabh brought Havoc to the outnumbered Gorkhalis. The two forces fought on the plain of Tyangla Phant in the northwest of Kirtipur. Surapratap Shah, the King’s brother lost his right eye to an arrow while scaling the city wall. The Gorkhali commander Kaji Kalu Pande was surrounded and killed, and the Gorkhali king himself barely escaped with his life into the surrounding hills disguised as a saint.

Two small knives namely Karda & Chakmak are also part of this kukri. Karda is the sharp small knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals. Similarly, we have Chakmak that can be used for sharpening and lit fire.