16″ Kaji Kalu Pande Khukuri


$ 169.00

Khukuri weight: 595gm
Total weight: 928gm
Blade size: 18″
Upper spine: 7mm
Handle size: 5″
Blade material: High carbon steel
Handle material: Rosewood
Sheath material: Wood and Water buffalo leather

This is a 16" Kaji Kalu Pande Khukuri . It was named after Kaji Kalu Pande,  a Nepalese politician and military general (equivalent to Prime Minister) of Gorkha Kingdom.

Kalu Pande was the commander of Gorkhali forces during the unification campaign of Nepal 🇳🇵 carried by "The Great King Prithivi Narayan Shah". He had fought many battles and had a glorious war history of a true patriot. He was a fierce warrior and a good diplomat with modern war skills. Under his command Gorkha troops annexed many smaller states in greater Nepal but  he died in the first battle of Kirtipur in 1757 A.D. His death was a major blow for the Gorkha troops but his bravery  is engrossed with golden letters in the history of Nepal . He encountered a tragic death in the Kirtipur war as he was beheaded by the foes with the loss of his eyes.

Original name of "Kazi Kalu Pande" was "Bansidhar Pande" . He carried this kukri knife along with other war weapons for the different battles he had fought. To upkeep the traditional Gorkha legend alive GGK has put effort of reproducing the old blade in modern executions with the traditional art and design of the blade intact.

It is a slender long blade with wide belly for quick sabotaging having good chopping power. The blade provides much more agility with faster swings moulded on the traditional design wooden handle . The rings and ridges perfectly fits the hands with no worry of slipping from moist palms . The stout blade is strong enough for any harsh rough works. Due to its unique appealing fierce nature many more lives were converted to corpses at the battle field.

GGK has reproduced this sturdy blade in flexible dynamics with no stone left unturned. The blade has the same sabotaging capacity of the original one so it can be carried anywhere, anytime, any moment as the best survival weapon .

Available in the brown  traditional design scabbard the khukuri is accompanied by Karda and chakmak of high quality. Karda is the sharp small knife used to cut small woods, twigs, dig holes , skinning out animals etc. And Chakmak is used for honing the blade and producing sparks for fire .

“A great Kalu Pande weapon for dispatching your foes with gurkha legacy descended in modern form."