14.5″ 3 Fuller Old Officer Nepalese Army Khukuri

$ 204.00


Product Description

Khukuri weight:              572gm
Total weight:                    920gm
Blade size:                        14.5″
 Handle size:                     5.1/4″
Upper spine:                     7mm
Material used:                  Highly graded carbon steel
Handle material:             Rose wood
Sheath material:             
Ganjawal leather

Product Description:
This is a 14.5 inch 3 fuller old officer army khukuri. It is Frequently used by High level army officers termed as Kaazis, Badakaazis and other high profile officers both historically & currently. The rulers then used to design strange weapons and kaamis used to make those. I always wondered at this type of Kukri as I’ve never seen this type in social media or anywhere else. However after thorough research I found this weapon at rural village of Nepal. I was highly impressed by its design, sleekness and uses. After obtaining one I decided to make the similar type of khukuri. After giving it a try, I succeeded in making it. The design really is fantastic, magnificent and very handy. Whoever owns it will surely boast upon it .
Two small knives Karda and Chakmak are also provided along with this kukri.