15″ Special Limbuwan Khukuri

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Product Description

Khukuri weight:             630gm
Total weight:                   1030gm
Blade size:                       15″
Handle size:                    5.5″
Upper spine:                   8mm
Blade material:              Highly graded carbon steel
Handle material:           Water buffalo horn handle
Sheath material:            Water buffalo horn with white metal and national signs

Product Description:
This is a 15” special Limbuwan Khukuri .
It is a traditional khukuri.
It is used by Rai and Limbu in eastern part of Nepal.
It has a longer sized blade and is thinner from the spine.
It has the power to cut 6 filled water bottles with one swing. The sharpness of this blade is made by the owner himself. We were able to cut six bottles in one swing while experimenting the sharpness of this khukuri. You can watch the video here.
It can be used to cut woods, clean bushes etc.
Two small knives Karda and Chakmak are provided along with this khukuri. Karda is used to pluck bamboo to make baskets, carpets etc. It can also used to shave, skin out animals etc.

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Weight 32 kg