12″ World War Khukuri

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Product Description

Khukuri weight:      880gm
Total weight:            1170gm
Handle size:              5.5″
Blade size:                 12″
Upper spine:             12mm
Blade material:        High carbon steel
Handle material:     Rose wood and aluminium rivet
Sheath material:      Ganjawal and refined water buffalo leather

Product Description:
This is a 12 inch World War khukuri which was designed & used during the First World War. This khukuri has a heavy razor sharp blade. This hunting khukuri is a balance khukuri.The balance khukuri is a blade with neutral balance that will stand on its own or edge at the balance point. Balance khukuri make every experience of handling & using the khukuri a great experience as they have more weight at the tip than the normal khukuris. The balance point is in the ricasso near the notch “chu”.

This is a hunting type of khukuri designed by G.G.K with special geometrical shape that can remain balanced centrally and give excellent power. Because of good balance it changes direction extremely fast and also strikes hard at the target. This khukuri is normally used to split wood.
This khukuri is used to chop wood, meat, bushes as well as for military purpose. This khukuri can also be used as business gifts and decorative.
Two small knives namely Karda & Chakmak are also part of this kukri. Karda is the sharp small knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals. Similarly, we have Chakmak that can be used for sharpening the blade.

Additional information

Weight 1.17 kg