12.5″ Yakshya Khukuri


$ 169.00

Khukuri weight: 420gm
Total weight: 610gm
Blade size: 12.5″ (31cm)
Upper spine: 7mm
Lower spine: 4mm
Handle size: 5″ (12cm)
Blade material: High carbon steel
Sheath material: Khahare Peepal (a type of fig) tree wood and water buffalo leather
Handle material: Satesaal wood “rosewood”

  "Yakshya" a reverred natural powered shrine of both Hindus and Buddhists is the custodian of treasures hidden in the earth and in the roots of the trees with super magical power for the benefit of entire living beings.(source- encyclopaedia)

With due tribute paid to this spiritual supernatural power GGK derived the name "Yakshya" for this most amazing adorable high exquisite state of the art blade. The rat tail tang razor sharp blade is a light weight with mirror shining polish, and is more a blend of cultures and artistics with the traditional and religious emblems kept alive. The notch transformed to "Trident" is the holy weapon of "lord Shiva" the great hindu deity. Shiva the divinity is above all the 3-states walking, dreaming and sleeping. Trident "Trishul" destroys all kinds of sufferings and Shiva uses this trident for the welfare of the world. 

The downward recurved blade provide equal distribution of thrusts proprotinately for gentle clean cuts.The brass etched" crescent moon "is the symbol of creativity and wisdom, sign of fertility, related to life and death. The wooden handle with deep rings ang grooves for powerful grips has the butt cap etched at the end of the handle with the holy symbol of "Garuda" resembling the humanoid eagle bird and vehicle "wahana" of Lord deity "Vishnu".Garuda is the king of birds and often acts as a messenger between the the gods and men. The image of "Garuda" is often used as the charm of amulet to protect the bearer from snake attack and its poison.

with the aim of attaining something extravagant GGK produced this fusion of art and technology with great hardships reminiscing the mythical folklores. To add much more beauty on old design brown scabbard a special brass "Chhape" with GGK logo is mounted on the tip for stunning looks.

More than a blade it is the special forgery of GGK, the blade build on modern ergonomics upholding the traditional spirits alive with the rich nepalese cultural emblems update. Learn and have fun with this special edition of GGK offerings.                                                                                                                                                                              Two small knives namely Karda and Chakmak made from high quality spring steel iron (special feature of GGK) comes with it. Karda is the sharp small knife which can be used to cut small woods, dig holes, skinning out animals. Similarly, we have Chakmak that can be used for honing the blade and striking sparks for fire.