Namaste we welcome you to The Great Gurkha Khukuri.


The Great gurkha khukuri have been manufacturing since 1992 A.D. and have been supplying to retailers of Nepal as well as other parts of the world actively to the date.

From 2000 A.D. we also started own showroom in Kathmandu, Pyafal line, Hanumandhoka. Great gurkha khukuri has been creating numerous amounts of designs each year and has been able to make each of customer satisfied. The design of Khukuris have now gone to a totally different level as our designs are getting changed each year. In which we are trying our level best to increase the sharpness of the blade to the ultimate limit.

Despite the change of models quality, strength, reliability and dependability are never neglected. Being one of the sharpest blades in the world we have made assurance of fine finishing and extra sharpness in comparison to any other manufacturers in Nepal. The tribal group called Kamis (black smith) who are dedicated in creating such stuff should always be praised. They have been in the field for more than 30 years. They have been forging blades since their childhood. Other thing that is to be considered is the time to time supervision goes on manufacturing by our mechanical engineer.

The errors at the time of manufacturing are therefore controlled before the product is finally made.

Special thing of our khukuri is that we give high temper at the middle blade part. We leave a small space at the pointy end of the blade and down of notch.



” I have been in this profession for 24 years now. This profession has been done by our forefathers and I still am continuing the same thing till date. Since, 2000 we have started our own showroom. The Khukuris that I had designed are famous to the date. Tri-Chandra, Black Panawal, Gripper Handle, Afgnai khukuri etc. are all my designs. Nowadays, my workers are making the designs I created. These things are being carried out in Easter part of Nepal in our factory Dharan. My brother is handling the factory and it’s production which has been named as Bir Gorkhali Khukuri Udhyog. We are having more than 50 workers. Each people are allocated to make a specific design. Sheath makers are also classified to different people. Sheath makers (Mizar) who work with the ganjawal sheath are very hard working as the work is very tough. It is made of raw leather. Our workers are working in this field for more than 30 years. “



Our Workers